Group Spanish courses

Group Spanish courses

Speak, share and learn

  • Learn alongside other people who love Spanish as much as you do.
  • Listen to your classmates speak and discover Spanish grammar and culture together.
  • Take part in a relaxing but dedicated learning environment.
  • Meet new people and have loads of fun!
  • Group courses are for you!

Upcoming online group Spanish courses: March 2024

The time indicated is Mexico City time

The dates indicate the starting day of the course with available schedules.

A1 Elementary 1

A2 Elementary 2

B1 Intermediary 1

B2 Intermediary 2

C1 Advanced 1

C2 Advanced 2

Online Spanish group courses March 2024
Group Spanish courses
  • The course can be given from Mexico City (Mexico), Mendoza (Argentina) or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).
  • Each level has 12 sessions, offered once a week. If the group wishes to take classes twice a week or at a different time than the one proposed, the teacher will adapt the schedule according to his/her availability.
  • Each group must have 2 or more people.
  • If the student has some knowledge of Spanish, it is necessary to take a placement test, which can be oral or written. More information here.


Group course options:

a. Course structured by levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

b. Course adapted to the learning needs of the group of students (individual, company, school).

c. Course structured according to specific grammar topics.

d. Course dedicated to oral communication, shaped by the interests of each student.

(In case of absence, the class will be recorded for those who request it.)

Class duration: 75 minutes

Total duration of the course: 12 sessions per level

Digital material: included

Registration and Placement test: free of charge

Free activities: included

Full course fee: $195 USD
Full group course fee: $190 USD
Payment per month: $65 USD 

The course per level has a total duration of 3 months: 12 sessions: 15 hours of classes.




For more information, contact us:

Full course fee: $190 USD

Payment per month: $65 USD 

Online Spanish placement test

It is possible to do it in written form or request an appointment to have a 30-minute oral exam. The result will be sent by e-mail, where the level of each student will be assigned.

Course dynamic

Learning method

Spanish classes are synchronous or asynchronous, and offered via Zoom. Days and times can be adjusted by prior arrangement. Virtual rooms are programmed to display Mexico City time (– 2 Seattle, + 1 Montreal, + 3 São Paulo, + 6 England, + 7 France). Each participant receives a link to use for all classes, regardless of the type of Spanish course he/she is taking.

Each class begins with 15 minutes of conversation to allow us to share a little of our lives in Spanish. Then, we review homework from the previous class and resolve any doubts you may have. Next, we tackle specific grammar topics and/or readings assigned for the class. At the end, we agree on exercises from the book or extra homework to complete for the next session.

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