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Today, more than ever, your company must speak Spanish.

Learn Spanish from scratch to interact with your clientele

Improve oral and written comprehension and production

Perfect your Spanish communication skills

It is important to be able to communicate with your clients in their native language, and to understand the gestures that go beyond words. Learn Spanish from scratch.

Therefore, that is why these classes are designed for people who have not had any exposure to Spanish or know only a few basic words or expressions.

So, if your team already knows how to speak, understand and write in Spanish, the courses we offer here will further improve these three essential communication

Besides, these classes are designed for intermediate level students who can already hold conversations and express themselves fluently in writing.

When negotiating business deals, the ability to express and understand exactly what the company needs to communicate to its clients is crucial.

In a meeting, it is often necessary to comment on the different issues that are being discussed. These classes will help you engage in the conversation in an efficient and effective way.

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Flexible days and times for all our courses

In A1 and A2 level courses, your team will learn to:

During B1 and B2 level courses, your team will learn to:

With C1 and C2 level courses, your team will become proficient in:

  • Introduce yourselves and your company, specifying objectives and goals
  • Explain, without difficulty, the projects your company is involved in
  • Participate in a conversation in the present, past and future tenses
  • Write e-mails, instant messages, and other communications
  • Maintain permanent contact in verbal and written forms. 
  • Participate in a conversation actively, while speaking about specific topics that are
    relevant to your company
  • Understand detailed discussions, e.g. in meetings
  • Produce informative, descriptive and argumentative written texts about a product or
    service offered by your company
  • Communicate with any person in the company. 
  • Speaking, understanding and writing with ease in the three modes of Spanish:
    indicative, imperative and subjunctive
  • Communicating rapidly in the past, present and future tenses in Spanish to say and
    write what you wish to express in a fluent manner
  • Understand: cultural expressions, irony, jokes, explanations, interpretations,
    from the countries you work with. 
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