Spanish courses

Private courses: You learn at your own pace, according to your interests, in classes perfectly adapted to you. 

Groupe courses: Meet people and learn in the company of people who love Spanish as much as you do. 

Courses for companies: with all the flexibility necessary for you to train, we offer you to learn Spanish and improve your quality of work profoundly.

Free Activities

Join us! We meet the last Sunday of every month at 10:00 (Mexico City time). Check out the Book Club 2023 Program: «Cuentos fantásticos». *Level required: B2 and above.

Speak Spanish! On the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 (Mexico City time), we meet to talk about a special topic. Check out the 2023 conversation
schedule and sign up! *Level required: A1-2 and above.

Get to know Spanish-language cinema! Movies are a way of understanding a language through its culture. How about combining film and literature? Check out our program and join us. *Level required: B2 and above.

Analhi Aguirre profesora de español como lengua extranjera

La vida en español

Classes include grammar books and exercises, reading, audio, film and TV recommendations. It’s your chance to learn Spanish from anywhere on the planet!
By the way, I’m Analhi Aguirre, I’m from Argentina (that’s why there’s a mate in my logo), but I’m in Mexico, what about you? I love knowing people from home!

The best of studying Spanish online

Learn from any location

Study Spanish from anywhere: your home, work, a park, the beach, your favorite café. The important thing is to have an Internet connection and a desire to learn. In addition to learning a new language, you can experience its culture.

Make the most of your time for learning

Taking online classes has an excellent benefit: you get more out of your time. Whatever you happen to be doing, you can pivot your attention to your Spanish class without rushing.

With any device

More and more, electronic devices are adapting to our needs. You can take your online Spanish courses from a computer, a tablet, a phone, whatever you have on hand and whatever is most comfortable for you! Learning Spanish is easier and more practical than ever.

Share Spanish resources

Learning Spanish online presents a great advantage: we share all kinds of resources in Spanish and in any other language, such as recommendations, grammar, information about your country, your work, your home, your interests, and your desire to keep learning Spanish.

Meet people from all over the world

Being connected to the entire planet is wonderful. And even more so when it means meeting people from all over the world who share a very special hobby: learning Spanish. Share your life in Spanish by participating in our free activities.

Enjoy learning!

Learning is serious business, but also a lot of fun! While practicing Spanish, we share experiences and ideas we care about. In addition, today we build relat ionships of great friendship and affection. All this while speaking Spanish. How about joining La vida en español?


llegar y llevar en español español en línea clases privadas y en grupo

Llegar y llevar en español

A las palabras llegar y llevar en español, sólo las diferencia una letra y, por eso, ¡causan tanta confusión en español! Aunque tienen al movimiento como característica común, cada una tiene significados diferentes.

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galletitas con pepitas chocolate recetas en español

Galletas con pepitas de chocolate

Esta vez, y con todo el olor de una mamá total, Chantal nos comparte una de sus recetas mágicas para cuando en la casa es necesario un poco de dulzura y sabor: galletas con pepitas de chocolate.

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Parler comme un natif? Espagnol en ligne Spanish online

¿Hablar como nativo/a?

¿Qué onda, wey? Cuando decidimos aprender un idioma o tomar unas horas de clase, a menudo pensamos que estaría bien hablarlo como un lugareño/a. En mi opinión, esta idea puede convertirse en una trampa. Entonces, ¿es una buena idea querer hablar como un nativo/a?

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Parler comme un natif? Espagnol en ligne Spanish online

Parler comme un natif?

¿Qué onda, wey? Quand on décide d’apprendre une langue ou de prendre quelques heures de cours, souvent, on se dit que ce serait bien de le parler comme un habitant. Selon moi, cette idée peut devenir un piège. Donc, est-ce une bonne idée de vouloir parler comme un natif ?

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