Learning Spanish Online
Incorporate a new language to your daily life. Communicate in Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages, and learn about one of the most interesting cultures. Travel, work, study, feel, think, and live life in Spanish. Take classes anywhere in the world, with your device of preference (phone, computer, tablet). Any day, any schedule, synchronic SSL classes from Mexico City and Argentina. We also speak French, English and Portuguese.


You learn at your own pace, according to your interests, in classes perfectly adapted to you

Meet people and learn in the company of people who love Spanish as much as you do


Improve your communication skills in Spanish and start your conversation courses. 

Free Activities

Join us! We meet the last Saturday or Sunday of every month at 11:00 (Mexico
City time). Check out the Book Club 2023 Program: «Cuentos fantásticos».

Speak Spanish! On the third Saturday or Sunday of each month at 12:00 (Mexico City time), we meet to talk about a special topic. Check out the 2022 conversation schedule and sign up!

La vida en español

Classes include grammar books and exercises, reading, audio, film and TV recommendations. It's your chance to learn Spanish from anywhere on the planet! By the way, I'm from Argentina (that's why there's a mate in my logo), but I'm in Mexico, what about you?

The best of studying Spanish online

Any location

Study Spanish from anywhere: your home, work, a park, the beach, your favorite coffee shop. You just need internet connection and the desire to learn.

Personalized schedule

Forget about wasting time commuting. All you need is good internet and an electronic device (computer, tablet, phone).

About the coordinator

Analhi Aguirre is a native Spanish speaker and a specialist in Spanish language and literature. She is fun and curious. She is interested in knowing what life is like in other languages.

All levels

The courses are designed for Spanish levels A1, A2 (beginner), B1, B2 (intermediate), C1, C2 (advanced) and special grammar or conversation classes to maintain the language.

Flexibility in days and times

If needed, you can ask a change in class days and/or times. You only have to inform us 24 hours in advance to adjust the next meeting in advance.

Conversation groups

Speak Spanish! 50% communication and 50% grammar: in the classes we talk about everything, while sharing life in Spanish. Every month you can join us to speak in Spanish and have a great time.

ELE Reading Club

We have a Reading Club, where we read literature written in Spanish. The idea is to comment on both the language and the themes of each text we choose. Check out the program and participate.


History of Spanish, grammar, pronunciation, spelling, syntax, are some of the topics you can learn about to improve your ability to communicate in Spanish.

Enjoy learning

Learning is serious business, but also a lot of fun! While practicing Spanish, we share experiences and ideas we care about. How about joining La vida en español? Choose your courses here.


Club de lectura 2023 para estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera

Casa tomada

Esta vez en la sesión 2 de nuestro Club de lectura 2023, dedicado a los cuentos fantásticos latinoamericanos, comentaremos, me atrevo a decir, uno de los cuentos más famosos y perfectos de la literatura escrita en español, el inolvidable: «Casa tomada».

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#8M en Ciudad de México


Ayer fue el #8M en todo el mundo. Hay muchos lugares, donde las personas no tienen derechos, como las mujeres. No hubo ninguna manifestación sobre lo que les pasa. En la Ciudad de México, y pese a todo, vivimos el 8M con emoción y solidaridad.

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cuentos fantásticos

Cuentos fantásticos

Este 26 de febrero a las 10:00 (Ciudad de México), comenzamos con nuestro Club de lectura 2023: Sesión 1, dirigido a estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera, con nivel B2, C1 y C2. Esta vez, lo dedicaremos a cuentos fantásticos.

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pronombres personales sujetos en español

Pronombres personales sujeto

Los pronombres personales sujeto en español provocan que nuestro aprendizaje de los verbos se complique. Para resolverlo, tenemos que revisar varios detalles (o problemas). Ahí, vamos. (Parte 1)

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Mi viaje a Chiapas

Mi viaje a Chiapas

En mis vacaciones de fin de año 2022, fui a México por dos semanas. Estuve una semana en la Ciudad de México y los pueblos cercanos, y otra semana, visité el maravilloso Estado de Chiapas, con sus bellezas naturales. Por Gen Roy.

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