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Spanish courses

Private courses: You learn at your own pace, according to your interests, in classes perfectly adapted to you. 

Groupe courses: Meet people and learn in the company of people who love Spanish as much as you do. 

Courses for companies: with all the flexibility necessary for you to train, we offer you to learn Spanish and improve your quality of work profoundly.

Free Activities

Join us! We meet the last Sunday of every month at 10:00 (Mexico City time). Check out the Book Club 2024 Program: Escritoras que escriben en español. *Level required: B2 and above.

Speak Spanish! On the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 (Mexico City time), we meet to talk about a special topic. Check out the 2024 conversation
schedule and sign up! *Level required: A1-2 and above.

Let’s talk about cinema! Movies are great reasons to engage in interesting conversations. How about talking about Spanish-language cinema? Check out our 2024 program and join us on the second Sunday of every two months. *Level required: A2 and above.

Analhi Aguirre profesora de español como lengua extranjera

La vida en español

Classes include grammar books and exercises, reading, audio, film and TV recommendations. It’s your chance to learn Spanish from anywhere on the planet!
By the way, I’m Analhi Aguirre, I’m from Argentina (that’s why there’s a mate in my logo), but I’m in Mexico, what about you? I love knowing people from home!

The best of studying Spanish online

Learn from any location

Study Spanish from anywhere: your home, work, a park, the beach, your favorite café. The important thing is to have an Internet connection and a desire to learn. In addition to learning a new language, you can experience its culture.

Make the most of your time for learning

Taking online classes has an excellent benefit: you get more out of your time. Whatever you happen to be doing, you can pivot your attention to your Spanish class without rushing.

With any device

More and more, electronic devices are adapting to our needs. You can take your online Spanish courses from a computer, a tablet, a phone, whatever you have on hand and whatever is most comfortable for you! Learning Spanish is easier and more practical than ever.

Share Spanish resources

Learning Spanish online presents a great advantage: we share all kinds of resources in Spanish and in any other language, such as recommendations, grammar, information about your country, your work, your home, your interests, and your desire to keep learning Spanish.

Meet people from all over the world

Being connected to the entire planet is wonderful. And even more so when it means meeting people from all over the world who share a very special hobby: learning Spanish. Share your life in Spanish by participating in our free activities.

Enjoy learning!

Learning is serious business, but also a lot of fun! While practicing Spanish, we share experiences and ideas we care about. In addition, today we build relat ionships of great friendship and affection. All this while speaking Spanish. How about joining La vida en español?


en modo eclipse solar en español

En modo eclipse solar

En modo eclipse solar: así estamos quienes vivimos en América del Norte, es decir, en Canadá, Estados Unidos y México. ¿Y qué es un eclipse solar? Muy simple: la luna, nuestro satélite más cercano, pasa por adelante del sol y lo tapa. Pero ¿cuándo, cómo, dónde? Comencemos.

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Coachella 2024 en español música electrónica


Mi gran y bello estudiante Sebastián St. Denis nos cuenta en español sobre uno de los festivales más famosos de música en el mundo: el divinísimo Coachella. Obviamente, y luego de la reseña de Seb, ¡me encantaría ir! Ya saben que me encanta la música elecrónica e indie. ¿Vamos?

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Aprender el modo subjuntivo en español Español como lengua extranjera

Aprender el modo subjuntivo

¿Cuáles son los problemas a la hora de aprender el modo subjuntivo en español? Según nuestra experiencia enseñando español, podemos enumerar dos, uno fácil y otro más difícil de resolver: ¡pero no imposible! Veamos.

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la historia oficial club de cine para estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera

La historia oficial

La historia oficial es, para mí, la mejor película argentina que he visto. Y lo es, no sólo por el arte cinematográfico del enorme Luis Puenzo, sino también por la sutil denuncia que hace la cinta.

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La quemazón de Adela Fernández (Ciudad de México 1942-2013) es una joya escrita en español. Club de lectura para estudiantes de español como lengua extranjera literatura mexicana

La quemazón de Adela Fernández

La quemazón de Adela Fernández (Ciudad de México 1942-2013) es una joya escrita en español. Pocas veces, he leído un cuento de una sola vez y me ha sorprendido tanto por su genialidad. Qué bueno que, finalmente, ha llegado al mundo la reivindicación de las escritoras mujeres.

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A base de 14 reseñas
Chantal Desbiens
I highly recommend La Vida en español to learn Spanish. Analhi is a great teacher. She makes you feel comfortable. Her classes are always very interesting and lots of fun !
Xenia Covas
Wonderful program design to help really understand the structure of the language and speak it. Teachers are super professional and kind! Enriching environment overall.
Geneviève Roy
Cela fait 2 ans que je suis des cours d'espagnol avec Analhi, avec le temps elle est devenue plus qu'une formidable enseignante, mais aussi une amie. C'est toujours agréable de recevoir ses enseinements, d'echanger avec elle sur la littérature, la politique ou les droits humains. Elle est une personne à l'écoute des besoins des autres, bienveillante et respectueuse. Elle démontre aussi un grand sens du professionnalisme et a toujours sous la main de nombreux exercices ou lectures pour faciliter les apprentissages. Dernièrement, elle a débuter des cours avec mon neuveu de 12 ans et il a toujours hâte à ce moment privilégié passé avec elle. Maintenant, bon cours!😉
Louis-Philippe Lussier
Amazing courses & teachers! I strongly recommend.
Stephen Pilotte
Vous voulez apprendre un peu d'espagnol pour votre prochain voyage? Ou vous aimeriez parler l'espagnol assez bien pour échanger avec les cubains, dominicains ou mexicains? Je vous recommande La vida en español. Je suis des cours avec elle depuis plus d'un an. Elle vous aidera à atteindre vos objectifs quels qu'ils soient.
Emily Zhao
Professeure merveilleuse! 👍👍👍
Isabela F Karam
Analhi is by far the best Spanish teacher I have ever had. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely cares about catering the lessons to your needs and learning preferences. I’ve been studying Spanish for over a decade and this is the first time I’ve enjoyed myself and noticed significant progress. My only regret is that I didn’t start classes with her sooner. Can’t recommend her enough!
Magdalena M
Analhi has been the best experience l have had in learning the Spanish language and culture. She is well versed, always in a good mood and adapts herself to meet her clientele's needs. Furthermore, l have significantly improved on my ability to exchange with others in Spanish. I love her teaching methods and l think she is a wonderful human, a great teacher and a fountain of knowledge. I cannot recommend this professor enough. Analhi is simply the best! Even when my level will be such that l don't have to take classes with her anymore- l will still do so because of the pleasure l have discussing with her. Caroline A ( Montréal)
Max LacBus
Best spanish teacher in the WHOLE world. Extremely nice & always patient. I could not recommend more. Do not hesitate. :D
Kariane St-Denis
Analhi es una profe maravillosa, que me da ganas de vivir mi vida en español